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I created this blog to share our warm, gentle reminders that this mortal life has a clear, wonderful purpose, of preparing for life, love, joy and family, forever, and nurturing the clear divine, promised Spirit within, as our guide, as the surest way back home and our true, divinely sired natures. I will share written imageries and impressions, invitations, spiritual assurances that we are divinely loved, more than we may ever know. I invite you to feel and to access and share your assurances, of the love we once, in a most beautiful Home, so freely knew and shared. I am a father and husband, an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a student of creative spiritual writing amd life coaching (my own first), none of which I hope offends or separates us. I truly know that our best is yet to come, including the breaking down of all barriers to the Spirit.

think well always,

your brother, RLeeCook

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Opening to Spirit

I would like to open with a pertinent life topic, really where I am with one of my *things*.
That is, expecting a new blessing on my own time table and terms, setting up pass/fail
parameters in my mind, frustration when they dont materialize. Ive been learning a more
gentle, allowing approach, from life coaching training.  Instead of setting a firm, well defined
goal, with my own time schedule and terms attached, Ive been trying to first feeling acceptance
and gratitude for being where i am and so blessed already.  Then I try a gentle suggestion,
for example, stating my first preference, one thing additional (ok this is a new, appealing idea),
I would like to receive, a small step in a particular quest, like a job search, making new friends,
starting to write again, being a better father and husband, church member, basically not exerting
a strong, lofty, string of wants, which become to unweildy and burdensome.
Then I feel I can be more open to the Spirit's influence, giving and direction, more available.
I breath easier, think easier, smile more, visualize fountains of water flowing and pooling.
How do you do it?

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